Natural stone is characterised by its outstanding ecological balance. A lot of materials first need be produced with the help of more or less complex processes, consuming great amounts of energy and releasing emissions. In contrast, the extraction and processing of natural stone is more environmentally friendly. It is being extracted from the quarry with comparatively little effort and, depending on its intended use, can be processed quickly and easily. Due to the fact that cuttings or damaged stones are further processed into crushed stone or gravel, no waste is produced. What’s more: quarries that are no longer used are renaturalised and often turn into the perfect habitat for flora and fauna.

Natural stone does not contain any substance that could be harmful to humans and animals. No harmful substance is added to the stone when quarried or processed either, making it the ideal material for people suffering from allergies and for the food sector. Natural stone is an extremely energy-efficient building material, also when used as a floor covering. The thermal conductivity of natural stone tiles is about twice as high as that of other tiles. This is particularly interesting for those who wish to install underfloor heating since natural stone warms up faster and thus also heats the room faster.

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